Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Heavy Duty Double Traverse Rod Center Open 30-228"

SKU: 0-401
#7-Heavy Duty Double Traverse Rod Center Open 30-228"Heavy Duty Double Traverse Rod Center Open. These are center opening or split draw meaning they are drapery panels on each side that stack to each side when opened. Sets include all the carriers, cord and support brackets for the size selected. FINISH: White (1) RETURN: 3 1⁄4"–4 3⁄ 4" Projects 2 3⁄4"–4 1⁄4"; clearance 2"–3 1⁄2"∆ Note: Standard cord length is 7 feet. ∆ Packed with cord tension pulley. Priced each. 
Regular Price:$68.11Your Price $61.30 per each
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