Tuesday, August 22, 2017

BasicQ Inc. -- Sash & Tension Rods Hardware

Sash and Tension Curtain Rods

Sash abd Tension Curtain Rods
Kirsch sash curtain rods, (center image),) are used on French Doors at the top and bottom of the glass to secure your curtain when opening and closing the door. If you are not sure how to put up a curtain rod, the instructions are included with the product. These are complete sets that include the hardware for installation. The width's are adjustable to fit any window within the size range listed.

Spring tension curtain rods are used for mounting inside the window casement. Widths are adjustable to insure a tight fit without drilling into the window casement or wall. Round and oval profiles are available, see the two outside curtain rods in the image.
BasicQ Inc. -- Sash & Tension Rods Hardware:

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