Thursday, December 30, 2010

Curved Curtain Rods for Round, Oval, Eyebrow Windows

Curved Curtain Rods 
This curtain rod is made of clear vinyl designed to bend to the shape of special shaped windows. It snaps into the brackets that can be inside or outside mounted. A special splice is furnished to connect the two pieces together for larger windows. Extra inside, outside brackets and sash curtain rod brackets are available for this product. Ships in flat format, so you have no expensive truck shipping bill.

Curved curtain rods for oval, octagon eyebrow and circular windows

SKU: 4-0241-1
Arch top curtain rods, plus oval, octagon and circular windows kit to 92"
Curved curtain rod same as Kirsch 7015-058 with more accessories. For curved curtain rods. Specialty window kit includes:
2 each 46 inch Crystal Clear Rod
10 clear mounting clips
2 rod splices
2 14 inch straps
2 strap fastners
Measuring Guide
Inside mount bracket/Outside mount bracket

Crystal clear rodding easily bends to the desired shape of windows. Rod is easy to cut to length with a hacksaw. You can splice rods together for an even bigger window. Rod snaps into clear clips installed in frame for a secure fit. by Graber. Extra hardware is available. Full pack price on 6 each. Curved drapery rods for windows with curve. This is a real arched curtain rod for arched windows. Clear curtain rods.

Measure the contour of the arch. Rod size is flat length of the rod. Priced Each
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4-024-1: Arch top oval octagon and circular windows curtain rod kit to 46"

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