Friday, December 21, 2018

Traverse Rod slide and weight limits

Training Drapery:
• To help a pleated drapery stack neatly, crease or “break" the stiffened heading between the pleats by folding the space between each pleat in half and running your thumb and forefingers up and down the buckram, thereby “creasing" the ­buckram
• For a conventional traverse rod, crease the buckram away from the rod, towards the room
• For a decorative rod with rings, fold and crease the buckram back towards the wall and away from the room
• Traverse the draperies to their stacked, open position, smooth the pleats and folds, and loosely tie with cloth strips in two or three places; let stand two or three days, then untie; draperies should now ­traverse and stack neatly and smoothly
Traverse Rod slide and weight limits
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