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Wrought Iron
Kirsch Architrac
What is ArchitracTM
Wrought Iron
Drapery Hardware
Track and Component Systems Developed to Meet Specialty Window Needs Kirsch Pioneered and Developed Both the Hardware Systems and Some Headings - Ripplefold®
Wrought Iron
Hospitality Most Common Meeting Rooms Guest Rooms
Applications Commercial and Residential
Wrought Iron
Architrac-TM Collections
Wrought Iron
Series 93001 Series 94001 Series 9046 Series 9600 Series 94003 Series 94004 Series 94005 Series 94008
Where Do You Begin?
What is my preferred drapery heading?
What is my mount location?
What is my preferred control type?
Will I need a bent or curved rod?
What is my needed rod length?
What is my fabric weight?
Drapery Heading
Pinch Pleats – Most Popular
Mount Location
Wrought Iron
Ceiling Mount
Wall Mount
Recessed Mount
Suspension Mount
Control Type
Wrought Iron
Cord Draw
One-Way or Two-Way Available
Dual Channel Design for Easy Traverse
Baton/Hand Draw
One-Way or Two-Way Available
Designed for Hard Use Where
Misuse May Damage Draperies
Keeps Hands Off Draperies
Can Be Offered Without Baton
for True “Hand Draw”
Rod Profile
Wrought Iron
Angular Bends
Rod Length
One-Way Draw Maximum Track Lengths
Up to 16 Feet (192 Inches)
– Series 93001, 9046, 94004, 94005
Up to 20 Feet (240 Inches)
– Series 94001, 9600, 94003
Two-Way Draw Maximum Tack Lengths
Up to 32 Feet (384 Inches)
– Series 93001, 9046, 94004, 94005
Up to 40 Feet (480 Inches)
– Series 94001, 9600, 94003
Fabric Weight
Wrought Iron
Weight Capacities Listing in Pounds (lbs.) of Fabric PeLinear Foot – One Way Draw/Two Way Draw Series 93001 : 2 lbs. / 2 lbs.
Series 94001 : 3.10 lbs. / 2 lbs.
Series 93601 : 3 lbs. / 3.50 lbs.
Series 9046 : 2 lbs. / 2 lbs.
Series 9600 : 2.40 lbs. / 2.40 lbs.
Series 94003 : 2 lbs. / 2 lbs.
Series 94004 : 2 lbs. / 2 lbs.
Series 94005 : 2 lbs. / 2 lbs.
Series 94008 : 2 lbs. / 2 lbs.
Cord Draw Systems
Wrought Iron
Heaviest duty track in our collection
Smaller percentage of usage
Low profile track system designed for
headings that mount under track, i.e.,
Front loading carrier system for easy
Baton Draw Systems
Wrought Iron
Wrought Iron
94003: More popular (works for either ceiling or wall mount), designed to accept all heading and master carriers
94004: Rear flange, can not use “over the top master”, can not be curved
94005: Designed to accept all heading and master carriers
94008: Rolled Steel (like Superfine), not Kirlon coated
9046: Cubicle System
Ordering Options
Assembled Sets/CTM - Recommended
Requires no additional assembly
Contains appropriate brackets, master carriers, carriers and controls
Priced as first 3 feet charge + charge for each additional foot
Track Build - Available

Each track, component and brackets specified on order
Assembly and order completeness dealer’s responsibility
Selection Guide
Wrought Iron
Wrought Iron

Kirsch Architrac

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