Monday, November 5, 2018

12' ceiling mount curtain rod Kirsch 9046-12 Architrac

SKU: 9046-12-025
12' ceiling mount curtain rod Kirsch 9046-12 ArchitracFeet, Minimum 12 feet. Anodized aluminum, white finish. Low profile, 5/8 x 1/2 inch, ceiling mount cubicle track. Profile: 5/8 inches wide x 1/2 inches high inch Kirsch architrac 9046 series can be angular bent using 12 inch or 8 inch radius or circular curved For grommeted cubicle curtains or hand draw, pinch pleated draperies. Architrac Series 9046. Ceiling mount only, for mounting ceiling curtain rods. Maximum weight 64 pounds on two way draw, 32 pounds on one way draw, Maximum length 32 feet butted. Priced by the foot To avoid truck shipping when having track cut, choose Cut Track Shipping in the Shipping Methods at check out. Maximum cut must be less than 105 inches. Price unit one foot 
Truck Shipping : $130
Cut Size
Regular Price:$2.80Your Price $2.52 per foot
Link to 16 foot length   
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