Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Graber Traverse Rod information Sheet

Super Heavy Duty Traverse Rod Information

Ball Bearing End Pulleys 
• Featured in: super heavy duty rods • Designed for long life and minimum draw force • Operate smoothly and quietly
Adjustable–Reversible Master Carrier 
• Featured in: super heavy duty rods • Vary drapery overlap on either master base; overlap arm locks securely into one of six positions • Reverses for one–way conversion with the adjustment of a single screw from front of rod
Super Heavy Duty Traverse Rod (0–600 Series)
• Strong .0165 gauge steel with contour tapered profile allows draperies to hang neater and provides smooth operation on the longest extensions • Rod edges are deburred and rounded for smooth traversing • Laced with continuous #33⁄4 braided cord • Ceiling or wall mount options
Super Heavy Duty Traverse Rod Info

Heavy Duty Traverse Rod Information

Heavy Duty Traverse Rod (0–400 Series) 
• Heavy .0165 gauge steel provides slim profile, contoured rod with strength and durability 
• Laced with heavy duty braided cord
Slide Gate 
• Featured on all Graber® conventional traverse rods 
• Gate returns to closed position automatically
Universal Cam–Lock Stirrup
• Featured in: heavy duty and super heavy duty rods 
• Interchangeable for inside or outside rod sections 
• Locks securely with a twist of a ­screwdriver. 
1. Open position–for i ­ nserting rod. 
2. Closed position–for locking inside section. 
3. Closed position–for locking outside section.
Super Heavy Duty Traverse Rod Info
Brackets and Support Chart.
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