Monday, October 29, 2018

Bracket Guide

Bracket Spacing—Rod Width
The number of brackets and center supports used is directly related to the type of rod used, the width of the rod, and stackback requirements.
To allow as much light as possible and give an unobstructed view, draperies ordinarily stack outside the glass area of the window. Add the stackback to the glass width to get the rod width. For two–way draw rods, divide stackback by two and install brackets this distance on each side of glass. The amount of stacking space needed will vary depending on the thickness of the fabrics being used, and the fullness at which they are sold. The following formula should be used only as a guideline: 1/2 Stackback To determine your rod bracket to bracket measurement that allows the drapery to stack off Draw the window: One–Way Two–Way Draw Stackback 1. Measure the width of the areas to be cleared. 2. Multiply that number by 1.5. 3. The resulting number is your new rod bracket to bracket. Add the appropriate overlaps and returns for your finished drapery width. EXAMPLE: Area to be cleared is 72" Multiply 72 by 1.5 = 108. This is your rod width to stack the draperies off the window. Add returns and overlap for your finished width.
Allow for both side clearance and front clearance when installing over another treatment. This allows for operation of the undertreatment.
Pole Set Mounting
Pole sets or wood poles typically extend beyond the window frame 6–18". Place center supports equidistant between end brackets.
Bracket Height—Drapery Length
Brackets are typically mounted so that the top of the draperies are 4" above the glass. Allow 1⁄4"–5⁄8" for clearing window sill or floor. The relationship between the drapery length and the installed rod height depends on the type and size of the rod. Decorative traverse rods and wood poles are designed so that the drapery heading hangs below the rod.
Top Screw Position—Bracket Allowance Knowing the drapery length (and bottom clearance) and the bracket allowance makes it easy to determine where to mount the brackets to get the proper rod height. The bracket allowance is the distance from the top screw of the bracket to the drapery heading. This dimension is given for many of the Graber® brackets in the quality notes of the appropriate rod category. Contact Graber customer service if you can’t find the information you need.
Bracket Guide
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