Sunday, September 2, 2018

How to install the Kirsch arch window curtain rod.

Step 1: To determine the correct size rod for your arched window measure across the width of the window at the base of the arch on each side. Measure from the center of the top of the arch to the center of where the baseline would intersect. These are approximate sizes, so the invisible line should not be very critical. 

Step 2: Select from the two sizes available, 28" to 48" or 48" to 86". If your size exceeds both of these selection, you can easily connect them together with this splice made for the purpose.

Step 3: Install one of the supplied holders at the base of the arch on each side. Be careful to make sure they are both at the same height from the window sill for a balanced look. Install all supplied holders evenly spaced around the interior of the arch. The rod itself is very pliable, so holding power depends on the holders. You may need to acquire different mounting screws and anchors depending on what materials make up the arch part of the window

Step 4: To install the rod, start on one side snappint the rod into the end holder. Continue with the rod to each next holder. When you reach the end holder on the other side, snap the rod into it, mark the rod bottom with a marking pen even with the rod holder bottom. You can leave a little extra rod on each of the ends if you prefer. Snap the end part of the rod and cut off the excess with a pair of scissors.

Step 5: Remove the rod from all the holders and sheer the curtain pocket onto the rod to the fullness you like. Starting from the end, resnap the rod and curtain back into the holders as before. You may need to flatten the curtain pocket at the holder in order for it ot snap in. You can re-sheer the fabric once all the holders have the curtain secure. 

NOTE: This rod is NOT meant for heavy fabrics. Sheer fabric or materials with the thickness of sheer fabrics are recommended for the rod system.

Arched curtain rod clear, non cracking vinyl 28" to 48", by Kirsch

SKU: 7013-058
Arched curtain rod clear, non cracking vinyl 28" to 48", by KirschClearance 3/4", color clear for use with just about any decor. Use with your eyebrow or arched window. This flexible curtain rod is used on windows of many shapes including round. Snap in clear brackets are furnished for installation. Rod ships flat, bends to the window contour for installation. One piece 48 inches long, can be cut to size. Arched drapery curtain rods for special windows. Clear curtain rods. Measure the contour of the arch. Rod size is flat length of the rod. In stock, ships in 2-3 days. Priced Each 

Regular Price:$16.80Your Price$15.12

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