Thursday, September 28, 2017

BasicQ Inc. -- Kirsch Traverse Rods

Kirsch Superfine and Empire Traverse Rods

Kirsch superfine and empire traverse rods come in a varity of configurations to make it easy for you to get the right size and draw for your window. These basic traverse rods are designed to handle up to fifteen pounds with a one way draw and up to twenty-five pounds on a center draw. Pinch pleat draperies fit easily using standard drapery pins. Wall mount or ceiling mount installation can be achieved with the brackets included. Heavy guage rollformed steel is used for strength and the finish is baked on enamel, inside and out. End gates are provided to allow extra slides to be added or removed as needed.
Select your size from the list below. Listed from shortest width to longest width, grouped by the type opening desired, center, one way right or one way left. Double traverse rod sets are also available ready to install.
Superfine Traverse Rods
Superfine Traverse Rods Center Open
Superfine One Way Left Open
Superfine One Way Left Open
Superfine One Way Right Open
Superfine One Way Right Open
Superfine Double Traverse Rods
Superfine Double Traverse Rods

Empire Traverse Rods
Traverse Rod and Curtain Rod Combo
Traverse Rod and Curtain Rod Combo
Superfine Bulk Pack Traverse Rods
see...Superfine Bulk Pack
BasicQ Inc. -- Kirsch Traverse Rods:

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BasicQ Inc. -- Wrought Iron Curtain Hardware

Kirsch Wrought Iron Curtain Rods

Kirsch Drapery and Curtain Traverse Rod Hardware
1" x 6' or 8', Antique Silver6' and 8' by 1
1" x 6' or 8' Black Pole6' and 8' by 1
1" x 6' or 8' Rust Pole6' and 8' by 1
Iron Gold, 1" x 6' or 8'
Iron Oxide 1" x 6' or 8' curtain poleRing with Clip
Antique SilverBlack Ring with clip
BlackRing with Clip
RustRing with Clip for 1
Iron GoldRing with Clip Iron Oxide
Iron OxideAntique Silver, 5 1.2
Antique Silver, Outside mount brackets come in 3 1/2", 5 1/2", and 7 1/2" return sizes5 1/2
5 1/2" return Bracket, Black5 1/2
5 1/2" return bracket, Rust5 1/2
5 1/2" return bracket, Iron Gold5 1/2
5 1/2" return bracket, Iron OxideDouble Bracket, 3 1/2, 6 1/2
Double Bracket, 3 1/2" and 6 1/2" ReturnCenter Bypass Bracket
Center Bypass Bracket, 3 1/2" ReturnInside Bracket
Inside Mount BracketBypass Ring with clip
Bypass Ring with ClipBypass Ring with Wand
Bypass Ring with Wandsplice for 1
Internal SpliceAcanthus Finial
Acanthus FinialLeaf Scroll Finial
Leaf Scroll FinialBird Cage Finial
Bird Cage FinialPedestal Ball Finial
Pedestal Ball FinialPine Cone Finial
Pine Cone FinialBeveled Brick Finial
Beveled Brick FinialCrown Palace Finial
Crown Palace FinialInner Lace Finial
Inner Lace FinialPetite Modern Ball Finial
Petite Modern Ball FinialEnd Cap Finial
End Cap FinialPetite Faucet Finial
Petite Faucet FinialFinial Plug
Clear Finial plugHoldback Base
Holdback BaseBasicQ Inc. -- Wrought Iron Curtain Hardware:

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BasicQ Inc. -- Kirsch Designer Metal Curtain Rod Collection

Kirsch Designer Metal Curtain Rod CollectionFluted Traverse Rod
1 3/8" Fluted Traverse RodSmooth Traverse Rod
1 3/8" Smooth Traverse RodRipplefold Traverse Rods
2" Ripplefold Traverse RodEsprit Finial for 1 3/8
Dark Oiled Bronze Accent/
Black BronzeKirsch Designer MetalLegion Finial
Oil-Rubbed BronzeEuropa Finial for 1 3/8
Acrylic Accent/
Dark Oiled bronzeSterling Finial for 1 3/8
Walnut Wood Accent/
Dark Oiled BronzePandora Finial
Satin NickelModerna Finial
Walnut Wood Accent/
Antique SilverAnubis Finial
Oil Rubbed BronzeRao Finial End Cap
Oil Rubbed BronzeArtemis Finial
Carmel BronzeAspen Finial
Gilded BronzeShibuya Finial
Antique SilverCalla Finial
Oil Rubbed BronzeCheyenne Finial
Gilded BronzeStratta Finial
Carmel BronzeCorsa Finial
Black BronzeCypress Finial
Gilded BronzeVantage Finial
Antique SilverFleur Delis Finial
Venetian BronzeAccent Finial for 1 3/8
Black Bronze Accent/
Antique SilverGrotto Finial
Gilded BronzeBasicQ Inc. -- Kirsch Designer Metal Curtain Rod Collection:

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3/8" Solid steel window curtain rodding, by Kirsch SKU: 7002-12-063 Minimum 12 feet. Brass colored 12 foot solid steel rod. For...