Wednesday, June 29, 2016

BasicQ Inc. -- Kirsch Drapery Hardware

Kirsch Wood Trends Curtain Poles

Wood Trends 3
Wood Trends 3" Collection
Wood Trend Colors
Wood Trend 2"
Wood Trend 1 3/8
Wood Trends 1 3/8"

Kirsch Wood Trends Collection is available in three inch diameter, two inch diameter and one and three-eights inch diameter. Rod lengths vary by the diameter selected. Four, six, eight and twelve foot lengths are available with the two inch and one and three-eights inch wood rods. The three inch diameter wood pole is available in six, eight and twelve foot lengths. The components, brackets, rings and finials, are color coordinated with the style you select.Bay and corner windows can be covered by using the swivel socket available in each size. Twelve foot rods have to be shipped by truck which is not covered with the free shipping policy. Two rods can be connected with the 5610eo-061 connector screw for extra wide windows or for shipping purposes. A support bracket will be needed at the connection point.
BasicQ Inc. -- Kirsch Drapery Hardware:

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