Sunday, June 26, 2016

BasicQ Inc. -- Kirsch and Graber Traverse Rods

Kirsch and Graber Traverse Rods

Kirsch Traverse Rods
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Graber Traverse Rods
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Superfine curtain rod 30-48" two way draw drapery rod, by Kirsch
Our Price: $29.21
Superfine traverse rod set 38-66" one-way draw cord right, by Kirsch
Our Price: $36.32
Superfine one way left traverse rod set 48"-86" with brackets, by Kirsch
Our Price: $44.87
Superfine double curtain rod 86-150" two-way with brackets, by Kirsch
Our Price: $126.72
Extra long curtain rod traverse and standard rod 100-180", by Kirsch
Our Price: $91.17
Empire traverse drapery rod 86-150 inches, by Kirsch
Our Price: $42.98
Superfine traverse rod 160-300" two-way draw with brackets, by Kirsch
Our Price: $94.41
Graber 12 foot flexable traverse rod for bay and corner window curtains
Our Price: $134.47
Graber Super heavy duty single traverse rod set 30-48" two-way draw
Our Price: $25.35
Graber Traverse rod and curtain rod 48-84" two-way draw
Our Price: $46.19
Graber Double Graber traverse rods 48-84" two-way draw
Our Price: $84.31
Graber Traverse rod and valance rod 66" to 120" two-way draw
Our Price: $63.75
Graber Traverse rods 84-156" one-way left
Our Price: $51.46
Graber Traverse rods 30-48" one-way right
Our Price: $25.30
Graber Heavy duty traverse rods 48-84" two-way draw for drapes
Our Price: $35.57
Graber Double traverse rods 66-120" two-way draw
Our Price: $77.06
Graber Heavy duty one-way traverse rods 66-120" Baton draw
Our Price: $39.26
Graber Heavy duty traverse & dauphine rods 84-156" two-way draw
Our Price: $83.77
Graber Traverse rods 28-48" two-way draw projects 2 3/4 to 4 1/4"
Our Price: $18.09
Graber Traverse rods 66-120" one-way convertible
Our Price: $30.95
BasicQ Inc. -- Kirsch and Graber Traverse Rods:

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