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Superfine curtain rods 30-48" two way draw drape rod

Superfine curtain rods 30-48" two way draw drape rod:

Superfine curtain rods 30-48" two way draw drape rod

SKU: 3023-025
 Superfine curtain rods 30-48" two way draw drape rod
Kirsch drapery traverse rods. All rod can be ceiling mount drapery rods or wall mount. Curtain hardware rods by Kirsch. Two way draw Kirsch drapery rod, includes 10 slides, Extends from 30 to 48 inches. Superfine Traverse Rod is the workhorse for durable installations. See how to install drapery rods in the support section. Superfine Traverse Rods include drop in brackets, supports and cord tension pulley for installation. Made from heavy gage steel with a baked enamel finish. Exclusive Kirlon on all sliding surfaces. Push in brackets and extension plates are available as an option. Only the finest pulley sets are used. Strong and durable with a slide gate for easy removal of extra slides. Long wearing, stretch resistant polyester cord and continuous lacing for use at either end or to convert to a one way draw.
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